Couchbase to Amazon S3 back-up script

On my last post, I was struggling with recovering all the documents from a Couchbase wacky installation after a system crash. It was an easy task to do, but I was very, very lucky to have the results of my "view all documents" view on a browser tab before the whole thing broke down.

I'm publishing on a couple of scripts on github, based on what I used to recover my database. The exporter ( can be used along with crontab to back-up your couchbase buckets to Amazon S3, while can be used to retrieve the data from S3 and restore it to a Couchbase installation.

I found a small tweak, already documented on Couchbase issues, but I think it is related to python's library for Couchbase and not Couchbase itself.

Enjoy. And let me know if you are using it.


Thanks to Francis Varga, from, I discovered a faster way to retrieve all documents, based on port 8092 and not on querying a view.

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